This is for U..

you made a big mistake
you made a big mistake

Baby, I am a very simple man
I Speak Frankly and Understand things simply...,

It's the first time 
I Started thinking...differntly because of U.

The entire journey i kept thinking up a way to stop you,
not to let you go..
and tell you that I really like you ...

And if you think i am okay .. then let's get relationship...
And we'll breeze through
 life together just like these past two days.

But the guy up there has strange ways.
He kept building my confidence and then when we got here...
he change the entire story.

you must wondering why am i telling you all this right now..,
Because I can't see U right now...
please don't get me wrong
I understand that you belongs to someone else
and there's nothing to between us,nor can ever be.
but wherever whenever you need a friend 
just remember that there is a man across the border
who will give his life for you.


  1. බෑනේ ඉතින් කරන්න..

  2. @හිරු-- බොහොම තැන්කු..!!

    රූ , මධු අයියා..-අම්මෝ ඔය ‍ෆිල්ම් එකක කෑල්ලක් . මට වැදිච්ච ‍ෆිල්ම් එකක වැදිච්ච කෑල්ලක... හී හී

    @ඩිනෙශ් :- ඒ මොකද අයියේ??? මට හිතෙන්නෙත් බෑ කියලා


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